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London Hate Crime Vigil on Oct 30th

A candlelight vigil will take place in London's Trafalgar Square on October 30th to honor Ian Baynham a gay man who was murdered. Baynham, 62 was walking with a friend when he was attacked.

Homophobic hate crimes have been on the rise in London, just a few days after this attack a lesbian couple was attacked by a group of men. The complaints by the gay community is that little is being done to prevent homophobic hate crimes, police response is inadequate, and that the public at large needs to be made aware of whats going on.

Candlelight vigil and moment of silence:

October 30th
Trafalgar Square
8-10 PM

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Candle-lit Vigil against Hate-Crime
On 30th October 2009, 10,000 people descended on Trafalgar Square to commemorate those who had been victims of Hate Crime when Facebook group 17-24-30 held the first International Day against Hate Crime.
This year’s vigil will be held on Saturday 23rd October from 7pm - 9pm in Trafalgar Square with a 2 minute silence at 8pm. The Candle-lit Vigil allows you to stand shoulder to shoulder with other supporters to stop this happening again and shows your support to all victims of Hate Crime.
The Vigil will include speakers form a wide cross section of the community, and musical contributions.
Mark Healey, organiser of the vigil said: “We are remembering all victims of hate-crime. Harvey Milk said, ‘you have got to give them hope’ and I think that ‘hope’ is what this event is about. Hope that we can work together and put an end to all forms of hate-crime.”

“For those unable to attend, in the UK and throughout the world, we are asking that they light their own candles of hope, and observe the two minute silence at 8pm on Saturday 23rd October. People are invited to take part on-line, by posting photos of their candles on Facebook tagged with the names of those who gather with them. We want to make this a worldwide day of remembrance, hope and action.”
For more details go to www.17-24-30.com
Follow us on Facebook ’17-24-30’ and Twitter ’HateCrimeVigil’
Ryan Parkins, Vigil Co-ordinator
Email: ryan@17-24-30.org
Website: www.17-24-30.com
Mailbox: Facebook group 17-24-30
Studio 151
77 Beak Street

17-24-30 was founded by Mark Healey in the 2009 in the lead up to the 10th Anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks.

Mark wanted to provide a space on-line where as many people as possible could come together to mark the anniversaries of the three London nail bomb attacks in 1999.

"17-24-30" represents the three dates that the nail bombs were left in Brixton (17th), Brick Lane (24th) and Soho (30th) targeting the black, Asian and gay communities of London.

The campaign has four objectives - to bring people together, to build relationships between communities, to support those who have been attacked and to challenge all forms of hate crime.